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The study confirmed a logarithmic character of the learning slope and is consistent with other studies.

It enables the clinician to evaluate more precisely subject’s RAVLT memory performance on a vast number of indices and can be viewed as a concrete example of Quantified Process Approach to neuropsychological assessment.

Bezdicek O, Motak L, Axelrod B N, Preiss M, Nikolai T, Vyhnalek M, Poreh P, Ruzicka E. Czech Version of the Trail Making Test: Normative data and Clinical utility. The purpose of this study was to provide Czech normative data and to examine the relationship between derived TMT indices and demographic variables. Two clinical groups (n ¼ 126) were evaluated to investigate the clinical utility of the TMT-derived scores: amnestic mild cognitive impairment (n ¼ 90) and Alzheimer’s disease (n ¼ 36).

27, The Trail Making Test (TMT) comprises two psychomotor tasks that measure a wide range of visual-perceptual and executive functions.

Introduction: MCI is considered a transitional stage between normal cognitive functioning and dementia.

The Mo CA has recently been recommended as one of the standard tools for the diagnosis of PD-MCI.

Results: The Mo CA total score was significantly different between PD-MCI and CS (p = 0.006).

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The Mo CA correlated in both samples with the brief cognitive battery composite score (r¼.81, p Bezdicek O, Stepankova H, Moták L, Axelrod BN, Woodard JL, Preiss M, Nikolai T, Růžička E, Poreh A..

Thirty nine of these patients (PD-MCI sample) were age and education-matched to a control sample (CS).