What couples started dating from biggest loser

12-Jun-2016 06:08

He lost the rest of the weight, without even trying [dang boys!! It is crazy to think about the influences cause weight gains losses!

Reply My hubby has gained @ 30 lbs since we’ve been married and I’ve been about the same-a bit less actually.

But, I was hanging out with him all of the time and his guy friends who eat drink more than I was used to.

I didn’t gain a lot of weight but definitely put some on…I think it was just a college phase.

I think it’s definitely true that you tend to eat in sync with your partner, so if one is over-indulging, the other will too.

Fortunately it works the other way as well; if one switches to healthier choices, chances are high the other will too! That’s awesome : D I’ve never been in a relationship, so I wouldn’t know.

i definitely gained weight when my hubby and i got married…and i’m still in the process of trying to lose that.

the thing is, it’s a lot harder because he’s not quite as dedicated to it as i am.

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For me-health has been a priority forever and since I am gluten, egg, and dairy intolerant I CAN’T eat or drink what he does. We are states apart but we still go through similar phases. I know it’s easy, but I have failed multiple times. And he likes to keep sweets around for dessert, something I would never do when living alone.Besides that, I wouldn’t know : P I love that awesome salad… As the years went by we started working out, eating healthy, and learning about helathy living together. Reply I definitely gained weight with my ex-husband.

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