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03-Aug-2016 13:12

Of course I understand that you can not trust me, but it’ll be difficult to develop our relationships in future if you don’t trust me!

post code 91000 country Ukraine city Lugansk street moskovskaya, home 3, apartment 44 Popikova Elena is my full name.

and everybody is guilty in her not being able to do something…even God)) but she manages to command with everybody and everywhere like the president…

What kind of relations do you have in your family, it is very interesting for me to know.

She replied me quickly, but I couldn’t read it, being out of credits; good timing.

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It is always very interesting for me to know all news about you. You see during the preparing this jam I was thinking about it.

)) Honey xxx, your photo amazed me, you look so young, I see you are very interesting man.