Updating worldship

15-Mar-2016 07:01

Oz LINK Pro for UPS is available immediately and can be downloaded and set-up in minutes on your UPS World Ship stations.

If you are manually entering shipping information into your UPS World Ship software you need Oz LINK Pro for UPS.

Once the Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import application has been downloaded, click on the file to un-archive the application's installation file.

The archive will contain the following directory: In this directory, navigate to UPS auto import\setup and double-click the Setup icon to launch the application's installation process.

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If you saved your file somewhere else, use your path instead, and the same for the sdb file name.

UPS World Ship Integration in Minutes Oz LINK Pro for UPS provides an out-of-the-box integration for Quick Books and Net Suite.

Oz LINK Pro for UPS streamlines your shipping operation by sharing information in real-time between all versions of Quick Books and Net Suite with UPS World Ship.

Note that you must run the application as an administrator.

In order for the application to function correctly, you must run the application as a computer administrator.

Hopefully some of the solutions I find throughout the workday are useful to you as well I have a user who uses UPS World Ship 2012 daily.