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As far as I'm concerned, no trip to Ireland is really complete without visiting Northern Ireland.Sure it's had its Troubles — and we'll check out some powerful political sights — but there's so much more.Before entering, catch the eight-minute video about the history of the castle (across from the ticket desk).The ruins themselves are dotted with plaques that show interesting artists' renditions of how the place would have looked 400 years ago.Take a close look at the Queen Victoria monument and how it celebrates the industrial might of Belfast: shipping, linen (the woman with the bobbin), and education (the student).A worthwhile, 16-room Belfast History and Culture Exhibit fills the ground floor.

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The top two floors are dedicated to rotating art exhibits, the next floor down covers local nature, and the two below that focuses on history. Any cab goes up Falls Road, past Sinn Fein headquarters and lots of murals, to the Milltown Cemetery (£6, sit in front and talk to the cabbie). Easy-to-flag-down cabs run every minute or so in each direction on Falls Road.

Hi, I'm Rick Steves back with more of the Best of Europe.

This time we're really on the edge…stay with us as we explore the best of Northern Ireland.

(The visitors center's interactive exhibits give a worthwhile history of the Giant's Causeway.) You can visit the causeway either by shuttle bus (4/hour from , £1 each way) or on foot (10 minutes from the visitors center to the first viewpoint, 15 level minutes farther to reach the Shepherd's Steps).

A pleasant, 30-minute, one-mile walk from the parking lot takes you down to the rope bridge.

Or take a one-hour tour with one of the 40 trained cabbies offering them (cheap for small groups, best views with 5 or fewer riders).