A general history of the pyrates online dating

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This trope comes with an amount of Wish Fulfillment for both genders.

In effect, this is a Eureka Moment that leads to a Heroic Resolve.He's not The Casanova or Kavorka Man, but he pulls girls in about as fast as they do, if not finally realize the feelings of the girls around him, he never tries to take advantage of them.He can charm the pants off any girl, of about any age, without even trying, and he usually doesn't.And because of a recent personal revelation about themselves and/or their situation, they have found a way to excel past their previous limits.

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This trope is heavily dependent on the context of the story and the life of the character.

Because of how dependent it is on the individual character and story, the speech can overlap with any number of tropes, due to the context, and can come in many different variations: Ultimately, the "World of Cardboard" Speech often ends up tying in to Character Development, offering direct verbal insight into their mind and/or explaining the overarching moral of the story.